Counter set

i am taking item no from one application and that item no storing into one variable
and in my excel file there is one item no column so i want write all that item no in that item column
for that how to set counter


You can use Filter Datatable activity

Check below for your reference


If this is not helpful, then can you share sample Input and output screenshots



If you want the column to write into the Excel you can check as below

DatatableVariable.Rows(RowNumber).Item(“ColumnName”) = YourValueVariable

Hope this help you


filter data table is out of topic
item no-
and this all three item i want to write into item no column in excel file suppose my Item no column range is B
so this three item no i want to write like 1st item no write on B1
2Nd item no write on B2
3rd item no write on B3
for that i want to set counter

sir you are giving me different solution and that solution not needed for my problem so please understand properly my problem

You need to create “CurrentRowIndex” variable of integer type and increase it on every iteration.
TargetCell = TargetColumn+CurrentRowIndex.tostring

sorry sir this solution didn’t work for me

and what should i insert inside get item no
after that TargetCell=ColunmName so in colunmname what shoud i insert excel colunm name where i want write

Get Item No is a placeholder for your code used to assign “ItemNo” variable. You can upload your solution, so I can modify it directly.
ColumnName in your case would be just “B” - it’s the column letter from Excel