Data table column remove and store


I am having a data table with 5 columns, I want to remove the column number 4 and store it in different data table variable(having one column only).

I know this can be achieved by using remove data column twice, i.e. first, by removing column no 4 and then removing column no 1,2,3 & 5.
I’m just curious, is there any way I can have a data column removed from dt1 and store it in a different variable dt2 in one shot script or activity.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Codegias,

most simplified solution is using data table filtering activity

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Thanks, @SamanGuruge
But filtration is used to get rows from the column, I need only full column without any condition

you can do this by using filtering activity as follows

in here you can remove unwanted columns as well


You can try to using remove data column and Join Data Tables

Thanks All for your assistance !
have a nice day!

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