Introducing Counter to loop with filter referencing

Hello all,
I am trying to filter datatable and write to excel in a structured way.
My issue is in the referencing in the filters & counters that inform the referencing for the loop. Please the two pictures below, pic 1 = DT1, pic 2 = DT2
I would like to filter DT1 based on the values in DT2 but am unsure of the referencing. So my question is 2 fold.

  1. What would the referencing look like to filter DT1. For example, “FormResponseID” = DT2(B2), “FormFieldID” = DT2(C2)?
  2. Second, if I was to add this to loop for each row, how would I reference within the filter to know which row to reference back to? For example, filter for 4th loop should be filtering “FormReponseID” by DT2(B4) = 101, “FormFieldID” by DT2(C4) = 718?
    Thank you all!

Check out the Join Data Tables activity. When you’ve read each of your tables DT1 and DT2, pass these as arguments and set the join to Inner. Then set the filter to FormResponseID = FormResponseID. The output table will match each row containing the same FormResponseID in DT1 with that of DT2, and the table will contain the columns from both tables.

This works very similarly to SQL table joins. For more on inner joins, see SQL INNER JOIN Keyword .


Thank you

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