UIpath Extract web data to excel

Hi all, there is an issue I am facing in uipath program , the requirement is I wanted to extract only one specific element from browser and save it in excel in my excel sheet. I have many URLs and I want to open one by one URl and extract only one specific element and save it in excel against the URL.

and the location of element in browser is not same place .
please help me to solve this.

Hi @mayank_tripathi

Check if the element to extract has some property in common in all the pages (e.g. ClassName, ID, aaname), and in that way it will work.


Thanks for your reply Andres, I checked already all the property but still am not abele to solve this ,in URL I only want to extract the technology provider name.
for eg- Test.xlsx (10.1 KB) attached one excel file in that one column is URL and another one is Data if you open the url you will see at bottom on website like(powered By OR Website designed by)something like that , which I wanted to extract against the URL

Is the above element is one u need to capture ?

yes i wanted to Capture the element which is in the bottom of the website like(powred by or website designed by ) Technology provider name basically I wanted to extract and save it in excel sheet against the URL .