Data Security - Same RPA Processes for Different Clients

Hi everyone,

I have a collection of RPA processes which are used to process data for multiple clients. The data is commercially sensitive, so there must be minimal chance of data leaking from one client to another.

Setting up a separate Orchestrator Tenant seems to make sense here, but does this mean I will need to purchase a robot license for each individual client? Or are there any other options I’m overlooking?


Hi @rpa_jay,

Thinking from the information security standpoint is best to have robots running on isolated environments, therefore, you will need to register different machines/named users so yes, it makes sense to acquire individual licenses for each one.

Said that, you could look into cloud robots since you’ll also need infrastructure to deploy them.

Automation Cloud Robot - SaaS Robots with No Infrastructure | UiPath

That looks like a really promising route for us to investigate. Thanks a lot @Edwin_Barahona!

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