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Screenshot: Hi everyone! I really need read more about compliance in RPA implementation. Someone has a tip about books, links that van help me? The big worry os about How should I give a password for robots and If It’s neceesary a double custody of passwords.

Hi @camilacoelho220,

Welcome to the Community! UiPath RPA Academy has a free training course on security. It covers the features of the product and provides implementation guidelines. I think that would be a good starting point to what you’re looking for -


If you are using Orchestrator then store credentials in Orchestrator Assets else store credentials in Windows credential manager. But don’t hard passwords in workflows or any Excel file.

Good question, hear my suggestion.

Please remember all robots are DUMB. They don’t know any thing. They will just do what ever you instruct by code.

  1. So, to make sure your bots works perfectly as you advise… you need to design in such a way that robots should communicate all major things with you or RPA group by email.
  2. Also design to keep a track of each steps with custom log information. This will help you to track all navigation.
  3. Make sure separate user credentials for individual robots and make sure to grant permissions only custom level to complete the job.
  4. Make sure you drive all data from database and use API for all robots so that bots control will be under database. What ever data you feed to bots can be controlled by database API.

This is how you can make robust customization frame work with customization reporting and logs. This will ensure your bots will support your business work flow in efficient manner.

Hope my inputs are useful.