Cloud Orch Tenants and Robots

Hi - if my client wants to separate Prod & Test Tenants in Cloud Orchestrator. Does that mean that the Prod & Non-Prod Bots need to sit on separate machines/servers? Meaning - can bots sitting on the same machine point to different Orch URLs (tenants?)

tl;dr - Don’t do it, however technically possible.

It would have major implications on security, configuration and downsides in Unattended Robot execution, as robots would have to be configured in User- not Service Mode.

Also, in terms of security, your client will probably can not prefer this scenario. If you want to keep things light weight, you can go for 1x Dev/Test machine with Studio and Non Production Robot on it and 1x Prod machine with Unattended Robot.

Everything else comes with major configuration as a necessity and has considerable downsides towards the mentioned solution above.