On Prem Host RPA In A Virtual Machine

Dear All,

We have developed 4 RPA process and it is the time to host those 4 RPA Process in Live Environment. We have choose a Onprem Virtual Machine as our live environment communicate with Orchestrator[Package in Orchestrator]. Please refer below points and could you share the correct idea on hosting and licensing.

  1. Have developed four RPA process.
  2. Four process owned to different departments.
  3. In one windows virtual machine we are going to host all four RPA process.
  4. But when we run the processes using UI Path Assistant only respective party should run only their process.[Ex: Finance department can run only their RPA only but not the RPA process of HR department]

My question is how we can handle above scenario[Folder and Tenants Concept] and what kind of license type is suitable for the requirement under attended and unattended categories .How we can separate the departments in uipath assistant. Please help me on the same. Thank you.


Hi @Ujitha_Manujapriya

Are all 4 processes unattended?

Dear Login Error,

What is the best approach go under attended and unattended based on our requirement. Please let me know. Thank you.


This would depend on how many licenses you have. Probably the easiest would be to have 4 different users on the 1 virtual machine, each attached to a different folder in Orchestrator.
(Check out the high density scenario in our documentation)

This way, you could work with both permissions per user within windows as well as access to different folders in Orchestrator.