Data Scrapping Tool Capturing Only Page 2 Data


I’m trying to get structured data from this website:" using data scrapping. The issue I am facing is, it extracts only the first three records. Please let me know the reason for this.

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This particular website does not load anything past the first 3 items until you scroll down the page. It seems as though the page doesn’t load the elements unless they are visible on screen, but once viewed, they are loaded.

If you have the page scroll down or press the page down key until it reaches the bottom, all of the items will be loaded.

I tried inputting an “end” hot key and then captured the data. Still, it’s the same. Only the first three records were extracted.

I’ve found that skipping to the end will cause the page to skip many of the items. You’ll need to have the bot input Page Down multiple times or use another scroll method to force visibility of the items.