Extract data using data scraping

Hello everyone.

I am facing an issue while extracting data using data scraping.

Note; tried data scraping; maximum number=0, cannot use scroll down or page end option;

All the data is on one single page, but the issue is we can extract only the data that is loaded.
for eg: 10/300 entries, 10 entries loaded out of 300; we can extract only 10 if data scraping used. next scroll will take to 20/300. so bot will extract 20, but this takes of time.
Any suggestions in extracting all 300 without scrolling through the page cuz it takes more time to load all data while scrolling.
Page is build using js, any invoke code if possible

Thanks in advance

Hello @RK_0 , Please ensure that you Entered “0” for Maximum number if results

I made a gray area note expecting these answers,
Yes, i have tried all the possible ways using the maximum number, passing the dynamic selector, looping,

Page only load top 10 data, and extraction is possible for those 10, while scrolling down new data loads, but scrolling though 300 data entries takes a lot of time,
and code is build using java
any invoke method/code?

@RK_0 , Will you share the website link

Sorry it is not possible to share,

@RK_0 If Possible Share some Screenshots of the page

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