Data Scraping for page loading items when you scroll down the page

i want to do Data Scraping for a web page ( ).
But the problem is there is no next button and the items are loading when you scroll down the page.

Please suggest me how can i extract data of all items. At present the when i try, the Data Scraping brings data of only 1st page items that are visible. But on scroll down there are so many items that are not captured.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and then extract data, does it return all the data as expected?

Is there any activity to scroll down to the bottom of the page in UIPath.

I think below is the next button.


WE Had good results with using the Hover activity.

Hover to the navigation bar. If an information on the Page is available and can be Retrieved to detect if all items are loaded then the hovering can be done within an loop.

It wont work. may be your have used F12 to search for next button. Please search with Hyderabad location. by the time you go to the next button, more items will be dynamically loaded at the bottom.

By the time you go to navigation bar, the page will dynamically load. I tried it but it is not working. it gives only first 20 results that are visible on screen .

I can have a Look on IT once im Back from my Traveling. As WE have implemented a few similar cases succesfully there IS a high Chance to implement this Case as well

Main.xaml (16.2 KB) ScrapeData.xls (43 KB)

Please find the attached.