Can't data scrape the table of results from a view in Salesforce

I am having trouble getting data scraping to work on my instance of Salesforce. Has anyone done this? My goal is to scrape two different views into two different data tables and then loop through the first and make decisions about actions to perform based on corellated information in the second table.

However, I can’t get the scraping tool to find the data. I’ve tried:
Scraping multiple columns (my preference)
Scraping a single column
Using the scraping tool’s feature to scrape the entire table

None of this worked. I sometimes get it to return a sub-set of the rows in the views but never the entire table.

Even the preview can’t reliably get the data. When I scrape the single column I can get the preview tool to select all of the rows but it won’t pick up the hidden data, the URL for the row:


When I let it select the whole table:

And if I select multiple columns it skips data in some rows:

Can anyone offer any advice?


Hi ,
i have same issue, any solution for this please ?

Hello Robert,
The Salesforce web page is really complex I recommend to build your own SOQL command like in the video and get all the data via REST API:

Cristian Negulescu