Data scrapping not retrieving all the values of a table

Hi, please someone help. Could you suggest how can I scrape the data form a table if it’s not getting all the values? All the actual values are missing from the scrapping only row and column headers are scrapped.

Site I try to scrap is Kotimaiset Energiat Oy | Yrityksen tiedot - Taloussanomat and the data:

Also tried screen scrapping but it also didn’t work. the whole firs row not scrapped. Please help me with the issue.

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May I know what was issue you were facing with Data Scrapping method I hope it would work for sure if we are able to select the cell of the table or atleast the table as a element
If possible can I have a view on the screenshot of the preview that the data scrapping wizards gives us once after scrapping
Cheers @hemuli

Hi, and thanks for the reply! Sure, here is the screen shot after scrapping wizard tries to extract the datatable.

Try to use Data Scraping.
If it does not work then try data scrapping with any other browser too.

That is just what I’ve tried to do and explained before.

Hi Palaniyappan! attached the data scrapping wizard after selected to scrapp the datatable

To me worked fine. Is that table you are trying to collect?

Hi @Artur_Bueno

Check this

Dont click on Yes click on no for yes you are modified table alert message box
based on that you can scrape the data

Ashwin S

Hi, and thank you :). I’ve tried also this but when selecting tried to go from first row to last row. Your reply gave me a hint and tried selecting the first and second row and it worked. This fixed my problem :smile:

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