Data Scrapping from website

Need to click on each countries one after other from the website someone please guide me how to do??


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Use Find Children Activity For this

Thanks for reply, can you please explain a bit more??

done with datascraping

then iterate and click

Hey @HeartCatcher

I hope that’s a menu which you are showing.

Use Find Children activity to get all the menu elements inside the menu container

Loop through it and use each element into the Click activity.

Hope that helps


  1. Use Find Children Activity

  2. Gather All the selectors of the items (countries)

  3. Add all selectors to a collection

  4. loop through the collection using for each loop, use click activity and pass the looping variable in it.

But I am getting the selectors like this, when I try to iterate it is not looping

Hello @HeartCatcher ,

Better to use Table extraction and get it to a datatable. Then you can loop through each row and click on the links by dynamically passing the value “CurrentRow(0).ToString”

It should work fine.


  • Please use data scraping which stores all those countries in a data table
  • Loop through each country (Use for each row in data table activity)
  • Within the loop take click activity
  • Pass the dynamic selector for aaname (which is the name of the country) within the click activity
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I used the data scrapping but I am getting entire data at a time as in the attachment I need one by one please do needful


Use for each row in data table activity and can get the one by one row. Use below exp within the for each


Thanks it is working fine now.

Now i need to click on each currency using the click activity, should I click only on first currency name or I need to change anything in the selectors??

@HeartCatcher Follow these steps within the for each activity

  • Create a variable of string type (say CountryName)
  • Take assign activity and assign Currentrow(0).ToString to the created variable
  • Now, Select the first country using click activity
  • Open the selector in UiExplorer and check the aaname attribute
  • Make sure you enable that aaname into your selector
  • Pass this variable(CountryName) into the aaname of the click activity selector

Refer below link of how to pass variables in the selector

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while writing the extracted data into excel getting the error as in the attachment

@HeartCatcher Use excel application scope instead

I used Excel application scope only

@HeartCatcher Try to kill excel before this activity and check once