Data Scraping From Website by selecting specific rows only from Excel

Hi Guys,

I want to do the data scraping from the website based on my rows of excel.

I want to get the conversion rate of my excel rows from the below website. I want to do the data scraping of my excel rows only form the website
[Historical Rates Tables - USD | Xe]

At the moment all the rows from the website are downloaded into excel.

Avesh Lakha

Hello @avesh_lakha,

Extract web data using Data Scraping and do not extract table as whole DataTable.

Try to extract correlated data with the help of Data Scraping Method.

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Urvesh Mistry

Hi @urvesh.mistry

Thanks for the reply

How can I remove all rows and keep only USD, GBP, and INR rows?

I tried with Correlated data but sitll it is picking up all the rows

Hello @avesh_lakha,

User Filter DataTable Activity after that to keep only required data.

Thanks & Regards,
Urvesh Mistry

Thanks @urvesh.mistry I got you but I think if we do this from reading a excel file then we can make it dynamic so if in future if we want to get currency rate for any other currency then just add the currency in the excel file. Let me know your thoughts…