How to scrape dyanamix data from a website whose values chaange in every 1-2mins and save data or table to a excel

1st of all i know, how how to scrape data or data table from a website
or to find an element even if its changing its value or postions ,by tweaking the selector

but what about a data table that exists in a website that changes in few minutes

Let me give you all a scenario…(Please explain me)

There’s a site called


here scrolling down we see so many currencies…now choose 1.
let’s say Dollars ?

now inside we have 2 type of table

i need to scrap this 2 table data whose values keep changing every now & then
yet i need to save the data to am excel

Yet we are not done

1 more question is

coming back to the home page

how to build a workflow that individually selects all those present currencies(56 in total)
then it scrapes the data table present inside it

Please help and guide me thanks

Hi @Jiban_Kumar_Das ,

You could make a list of all currency symbols and then just make a flow something like this:

while 1=1 
     for each value in curency_symbol_list
           navigate to
           extract data from page
           append to excel/CSV

the while above will ensure it works non-stop, the for each insures that you will visit every page corresponding to the currencies, append ensures that you keep all data. Let me know if I can be of more help.