How to select all currency list from web page and paste the table to excel sheet for every currency list

Hi Team,

I had been trying to get the all currency’s from web page. for every currency there is two tables and need to paste to excel sheet.

Unable to select all currencies and to paste to excel sheet.

The Process is:
• Launch
There we have different currencies names at LEFT Bottom of the screen
• Need to select 1st currency, then 2nd currency till all currency till finish.
• After selecting Currency name - we get 2 tables. 1. Top 10, 2. Alphabetical Order
• Create an Excel and select both tables and paste in excel sheet and then save it in same Currency name
• Every currency excel should be save in separate excel file.

Please let me know the process for how to select all currencies and tables to excel sheet.


First scrape all the currencies available, You can do this by going to Currency Calculator - >View USD Rates Table and Scrape Alphabetical Order below currencies

Now prepare two Sheets like DT1 and DT2

Now using For Each Row activity use DT1 and inside and use DT2 For Each row activity for DT2

Inside DT2 use Type Into activity and do your extraction to the excel file by using Get Text activity

For placing the Get Text activity text to write to excel check below for your reference


Hope these steps may help you


Thanks Srinivas for the reply.

I didn’t got you.

Kindly, go through once the process which i mentioned.

Hi @personal_mail

Attached the sample xaml and it extracts the Alphabetical order and Top 10 data. Please run the code in Chrome browser and you need to Install Chrome Extension from Tools Link in UiPath. (5.0 KB)