Data scrapping between two ui components

Im trying to data scrap unformated data and the data quantity is not fixed the strings can be more or less than the intial indicated part

For eg this is text from a preview of a pdf (OCR is not available here )

"CAM Modalities
1.Retail has to be 100% of the limits approved. in case same is reduced, limit has to be right sized basis actual retail done
2.Enduse of the funding to be monitored before processing each indent. Incase our limit is utilised for purpose other than stock procurement (CD products), limit has to be freezed
Financial Covenants "

Now in here the "CAM Modalities " and “Financial Covenants” is fixed and i want to scrap every string in between them (prefered data scraping over get text)

here is an other exanmple

“CAM Modalities
CC Margin : 25% on Stock and 50% on Book debts ageing upto 90 days. CC limit DP statement shall be submitted on qtrly basis. It shall not
include vehicles stock funded from HDFC INF and other banks/FIs working capital limits or, if included, O/s of such limits shall be shown as
Comprehensive takeover audit to be done for Bank of Maharashtra CC limit takeover. CIR to be obtained and vetted by credit prior to CAM
Dealer to ensure & provide Vin wise data of vehicles indented through bank limits within stipulated time as agreed by the Bank post tranche
disbursals & upload the same in banks Delfin portal. Vin wise updation is applicable for both purchase and sales transactions of the
Hypothecation of vehicles and spares acquired out of funding made available by HDFC bank and all Book debts and Receivables arising
there from
Comprehensive takeover audit to be done for Axis INF limit takeover. CIR to be obtained and vetted by credit prior to CAM release
Primary charge on S&BD should be with HDFC Bank
Capital Infusion to be done - Rs.83Lakhs prior to CAM release, Rs.50Lakhs by 30-Sep-22, Rs.50Lakhs by Dec22. Dealer has to give a
declaration confirming the same prior to CAM release.
Financial Covenants”

Dear @sagar.raval can you share Screen Shot of from where you are scraping unformated data. Please also mention if you are scrapping data points from web app or desktop app.

HI @sagar.raval

This is a PDF Right you can try with regex

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match("PDfOutputString","(?s)(?<=CAM Modalities)(.*?)(?=Financial Covenants)").Tostring