WebScrapping Logic

Hi All,

I Need a logic for the below case please do needful to achieve this.
The values under Catastrphic Cap:
I need to scrap Individual Applied amount($150.00) and Individual Limit amount($3706.00) if in the Individual row contains either Applied amount or Limit amount, if both the Individual Applied and Individual Limit amount is null or empty or zero.
At that time I need to scrap the data Family Applied Amount($3706.00) and Family Limit Amount($3706.00)

anyone please help me in this.


Hello @HeartCatcher ,

To build the logic first we need to have the scrapped value. So first we need to scrape the value from the website and then run the logic to filter the values from the table.

In this case, after scrapping the value we will have the data table lets say ScrappedDT.
Now for each row of the ScrappedDT we can check if the individual amount and limit are empty or not, based on that we can filter the values and keep what we need.


@HeartCatcher Does it has only two rows (like you show in the screenshot) under Catastrphic Cap or does it contains multiple rows

Only two rows