In a website there is line items which is around 25000, I need extract those, i have used Data scraping, it is coming only visible items. What might be the reason?

Thank in advance.

Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula

Can you share us the screenshot of the website.

Hsve you tied with Maximum number : 0


Hi @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula,

Reason is that Data scrapping is only valid for loaded elements and all your data is not loaded when you will scroll or move to next it will load.

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Yes I have tried with maximum number of results also.

Can you share us the website link if not share us the screenshot @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula

Can’t able to see the image @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula


Image not uploading properly. Getting error while uploading. Give me some time…i will do it again.

Okay no worry @Manju_Reddy_Kanughula, Have you tried with Table extraction


Reference Link :