Data Scraping Output Record Length Mismatch


I used data scraping to get the product name and price details for Samsung Mobiles in Though it showed total 493 results fetched, in the output csv file, only 397 record details were stored.

Please explain why this mismatch happened.



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It’s weird issue. Could you please check it once again. And also could you please show me screenshot of your workflow once.

I have tried multiple times, but the same issue persists.

I feel this is because of the source code design in Flipkart.

Attached the sample screenshot of my workflow.


Set MaxNumberOfResults to 0 instead of 500 then it will read whole data. Just do this change and then try once.

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Yah May be I have seen such scenarios before but did we try with what @lakshman suggested because. Sometimes the number of records we
have fetched will be greater than the actual numbers so to avoid such risk and let all the records to be fetched we can mention as 0 in MaxNumberOfResults so that we won’t face this issue
But still we need to validate that once
Kindly try and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury

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Yes. I have given 0 as max no of result. Didn’t work.

May I know which details we are fetching as data scrapping
Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury

I am searching for products (i.e mobiles) and getting the product name, URL and price. Then export the data table to CSV using write CSV.

I hope one of these three attributes is missing in some of the product list
I think that’s why it’s not taking those records
Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury


Hi Saikat,

Set 2000 milisecond delay in DelaysBetweenPageMS property in Extract data activity

It’s may help you… Check and let me know

Yes, I have observed this issue in few cases. The amount attribute is missing for some products.

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Yes. This seems to working somewhat. Though, the exact match is not yet achieved. But, the difference is less than 10.

Still, in case, any of the attribute is missing, the data is getting stored in csv with whatever attribute is available. So, that should not be an issue I guess.


Yeah because last page doesnot contains 24 …count it it will come correct output …

If that is case please mark as solution it helps other

Thank you

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