Data Scraping xml manipulation help needed

Hi, I’m trying to do data scraping from a web site (Verkkolaskuosoitteisto)

I have a few problems, if someone can help? If I’m doing with the wizard only the whole table can be scraped but it leads to issue as its changing positions of the values and also extra columns are created from empty field which I don’t need.

Wizard shows the scrapping like this:

but when its captured and used write csv it’s like this:

It seems that my only option is to modify the xml file which originally looks like this:


I Tried to modify the xml file but in some reason its not working, always selecting the top left cell and not writing anything into datatable variable

I managed to track this issue a bit further and it has something to do with build datatable activity.

I have to use a build datatable at the beginning of the for each loop as if there is an element not existing in the web page then I have to use add data row activity to input value into the data table. when I change append csv to write csv and remove build data table activity everything work as supposed but with build data table and append csv it goes like described in the original message.