Editing or amending an existing data scraping project to add fields


Hi, I have searched online for answers to this, I am sure the answer is completely obvious. I have created a number of projects, and I have decided that I want to pull some extra correlated data fields. How do I go into the existing project and amend it to add in the extra correlated data?


if you have old data in one table and new data in another table you can use Merge Data table activity and get all related data in single table, else you can use build data table loop through the two different table which have the data and you can push the data to final datatable.



It is also possible to edit selectors for Extract Data activity properties, please see screenshot for example


Thank you! Is it possible to re-invoke the wizard though and add new columns through the UI, rather than editing the XML?


@TRANSLTR it seems that you can create new data scraping activity and manually merge the data definition from old activity into it