Data scraping with pagination


I’m trying to fetch links and updated date on google search which include pagination. Do I need to edit the selectors of the webpage to fetch the data, if yes how to edit the selectors?
Can anyone help me out ?

Hi @Meghashree_H_R,

Have you tried the Data Scraping button? Usually that takes care about pagination

If you tried, what was the issue?

I tried that but it will fetch only first page details, not all pages.

What do you want to get?

How many pages?

Because it can work to loop the data scrape of a single page.

I think you need a limited number of pages an not all that google provide, correct?


You need to click on yes button on the popup - "Is data spanning multiple pages ? " post that you need to click on “next” button at the bottom of the page - not the pagination number.

@Vijayendra200 i don’t think that with the News page of google it works


It was working for me, please find the xaml file and results excel sheet.
correct me if i am wrong. (13.1 KB)

Doesn’t seem to take many informations to me, i looked at the output file in the pack and on Google there are more lines

It doesnt seem to take everything


I have done some changes to selectors. Please find the attached file correct me if i’m (2.3 KB) .

Yeah. In output file only 2 lines of data is there except links.

ok, thanks