Data scaping only in 1 page

Hi i using the data scrapper but the issue is when output their only the data of a one page
but their are over 20 pages and also i can see when running pages are loading

crosscheck the next selector
the last selector could look like this:
<webctrl parentid='search' tag='A' innertext='Next*' />

Also ensure that the Parent / Most Top Selector is general enough of not getting bound to the first page with this part: &ref=sr_pg_1

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@ppr it goes to the next page but don’t extract the data

then check the selector for extract data activity. same make it generic and reliable

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Hi @ppr can you check this
Project Scenario 1.xaml (12.7 KB)

I am travelling the Weekend so will do it once I am Back in UiPath Machine.

Was IT extracting the First Page Data? If yes can you Show the extract Data Activity selector?

hi @ppr
no worries

Second Screenshot i cannot Map, also due local differences. But give a try on a generic title e.g title=‘*’

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I think it is not able to extract the data due to some difference in some product data


When u are creating the datascarpping, can u see whether all products are captured correctly or not ?

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There is chance that there’s difference in page 2 element layouts.

Try making another scraping selector for page 2 onwards and test if it works going forward.

If this works, you need to first identify page 2 before proceeding to the specific scraping



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