Pagination problem due to index on web scrapping


I’m newbie to UiPath. Got stuck in pagination in web scrapping. I’m able to do get the data and able to traverse on pages but it is not getting all pages data because index is changes as soon there will be previous link appears. So pages jumps and getting any few page data.

i’m trying to extract the data from this link

Can i get some help on this please.

Thank you

Hi Manjula, Welcome to UI path forum family. Thanks for posting your query .

You would need to fine tune your selector of Next Link Selector,

Remove the old / default selector value and please copy the below selector and page it into NextLinkSelector

Please let me know if you have any questions, Happy Automating! :slight_smile: :innocent: :cherries:

Hi Zahid,

Thank you for looking into my problem.
Your solution didn’t work for me.

Here i’m attaching my file. Please look into it

Main.xaml (13.7 KB)

If we use te default Next from webscrapping it will traverse page 1,2, 5, 7, 9. Between pages missing.

Thanks in advance

Can you run the same script in Internet Explorer and see the results and let me know if it works

Attached is the workflow Indeed_data.xlsx (6.9 KB) and results sheet which is working fine for me.

Indeed.xaml (8.2 KB)

please change the file extension from xlsx to csv before opening the file

Hi Zahid,

Yes, it worked on IE.

Trying same on chrome.


Hi Zahid,

I couldn’t get it work on Chrome.

Can you please tell how this pagination works on chrome.

Chrome browser is less stable and is unable to identify the NextPage button as there are two different buttons with the same properties. Chrome browser is not picking up all the properties elements of the next page button. I tried with a lot of customized selectors and none of them worked in chrome. I would request the other robot masters to help you out here.

I would recommend you to use internet explorer when you use data scrapping since Internet Explorer is the best and stable browser application available .

NextLinkSelector.txt (2.3 KB)
Some of the custom selectors for NextLinkSelector which i tried with chrome are attached in notepad.


Hope you are doing great .

Attached is the workflow file for chrome browser.Had to write up some more logic to get the required output. Hope you can debug and get to know the flow.

As stated earlier it is best to use Internet explorer as it is best and stable for automating web applications.

ChromeBroswerforIndeed.xaml (39.0 KB)
Happy Automating :slight_smile: :100:

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