Data scraping web table when pagination doesn't have "Next button"

Hi Forum,
Need your help, please.
I have an issue when data scraping web table when pagination doesn’t have “Next button”. Can you please provide mean example or troubleshot this scenario.

So if there is pagenation, but no “next” button - how does it work to get to next page?

So, there are only page numbers (e.g.2,3,4,5) there isn’t “Next” or “Arrow” button.
The bot need to click on “Next” or “Arrow” button to navigate to next page. For me, clicking on page number 2 will not help to scrape the data.
I hope you got my point.
Could you please help?

You need a loop over the page numbers, call scraping each time, merge every datatable you have got to a final datatable.

@moenk, could you please help me with an example ? I tried with while loop, it didn’t work.