How to go to next page in Data Scrapping if NEXT BUTTON is not available?


I was trying to scrape some data from a web page and the web page has similar data in next pages too. Basically, it’s a careers page and I wanted to scrape the data and save it to an Excel file. The Problem I am facing here is:

After completing the data scraping from the first page we get an option like this:

But when I try to choose the “NEXT” Button it goes to the last page. This website did not have a next page Button. It only had “First Page” & “Last Page” buttons to go to next pages as below:

Can anyone tell me how to go to all the 45 pages one-by-one and scrape the data?

If you want to work on the Website, Link:

Thanks a lot in advance.

Refer to the practice in Advanced Training Lesson,it would help you solve this problem

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Here, you have to use Element Exists activity and pass page number dynamically.

For this, refer Generate Yearly report assignment in Level-3 Advanced training and you will get idea to implement this.

If you face any issue then please let me know.

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