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Hi All,

I am trying to scrape data from a web page that doesn’t have a next button and this inhibits me from navigating to the next page.

I would like your help to create a workflow for the link below.

Unfortunately, there is no next page for data scraping.

Hey @m.a.akay

I can see the next button in the web page,

Kindly check.


Hello @m.a.akay

If you are using Data scrapping or Table extraction, during the table selection it will ask to choose the next button. You can use the Next button in the web page. Scroll to the bottom and you ill find it.

Also in case if you are working with a page without navigation button you can use the page number and a counter variable to loop through each page and do the datascrapping.


Next page option was not working in Wepage
So take last page number from link.
Loop the process of scraping
navigaete to page Dynamically by increment the page number
Kindly refer this flow, You may got idea

Happy Automations

Gokul Jai (2.1 MB)


thank you very much. Thanks to you, I realized where I went wrong. The project you posted worked.

After a few changes I was able to get the data as I wanted.

Thanks again for your help.

@m.a.akay Great, Happy Automation.

Mark the post as a solution which may be useful for some one who looking for same issues.

Gokul Jai

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