Data scraping table from Web

how do extract numbers from this link 全国最大500家外商投资企业名单 - 百度文库.
Column 1. Company Name 企业名称
Column 2. Reveune 销售(营业)收入(亿元)

@Lynn_Zhu, Welcome to Uipath forum community!.

I gave it a try and getting similar error. Can you try to download and try to work on the downloaded document ?

I tried to download but it is asking me to login per below.

Thanks for your reply. There is a charging for downloading ,that’s why I intented to extract the data from the web.

You are most welcome.

Can you provide steps how you come to the page you gave ?Starting from - . Or if you have workflow how you came to that page it helps. As I see, it displays three pages in one screen and I am not able to manipulate how to see only one page at a time and move to next page.

Or you can let me know how to go to each page. Looks like it has 22 pages in total.