Data Scraping steps are not saved in the Flowchart

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to UiPath and trying to learn how to scrap Web and get all information from the website. I have followed tutorials on youtube for it.

Unfortunately, when I start scraping a website and add ‘Extract Correlated Data’ as well. But, after completing the steps UiPath is not able to record these steps (find attached). Can anyone help me to find out what am I suppose to do to make it right?


Uipath will have recorded that step. You won’t see it as a separate step here. The functionality will be residing in the extract structured data activity itself that is visible above. Try checking your correlated data in ‘ExtractMetadata’ property of ‘extract structured data’ activity. You will see all your extarcted columns. Or just try printing the result, you will see the extracted output.