Scraped data does not save in uipath sequence

Hi All

Im facing one issue while performing below steps;

Web table which im accessing is embedded under a IFRAME, so im taking the “src” and opening the Iframe URL , with this im able scrape the data using data scraping - table shows up -but when i click finish data scraping activity does not get saved in Uipath sequence.

pls share your thoughts or solution to fix this issue.

the details are a bit too scarce to help you. Have you tried restarting uipath and trying again? Could you post some printscreens ?

Step 1 - Using open browser activity - navigating to our application URL [since src is embedded by Iframe ]
Step 2 - Using get attribute activity im getting the src of iframe and save to variable
Step 3- again using open browser using values stored in variable.
Step 4 - Now from the iframe src -im trying to do data extraction
Step 5 - Using data extraction activity -point at one cell value - it is capturing the entire data table value and on clicking finish data scraping activity does not get saved in a sequence.

pls see ss;


hope this clarifies.

Well, thank you for the detailed process, this makes things more clear.

Now, since data scrapping does not work my advice is to try screen scraping.

Hope this helps.

Shilpapmk did you find a solution? I have the same problem and I’m at a loss for a solution

So, I know this is going to seem silly, but just make sure to remember that when you use any of the tools like recorder etc. the sequence they create goes to the bottom of your workflow, it does not ‘insert’ into the workflow wherever your cursor was. So if it has seemed to work fine through the tool process but doesn’t generate a sequence when you click finish, double check it isn’t at the bottom of your workflow

Did you find a solution to this problem?

I am having the very same issue. When I use Data Scraping to ExtractDataTable and press the ‘Finish’ button, it returns to you a blank screen on UIPath Workflow.

Just to raise, this is also an error I am encountering