Data Scraping skips data with different font colour/background colour

I am trying to scrap data from a website and but noticed that data get skipped where the font/background colour is different from the original capture.

Data scrapping is used to scrape structured data that means whole data should be of same structure.

Can you share a screenshot or URL to let me know what are you trying to scrape?


Thank you for the response. Please find the screen shot attached. I was trying to extract the price and the address, but the last one wasn’t getting captured as the font is in white and the background colour is dark gray (that’s the only difference i can see).

Main.xaml (9.2 KB)

Try this, if you have any specific search criteria or page send me the URL I will try that at my end. Scrapping is not getting affected by any background changes

i was trying to get an extract like this.

Filter - Ashcroft, BC, Canada

The filtered values show 24 listings but when i try to extract i get only 20 in my file.