Data scraping data fetching issue

hi all,

while i’m scraping data from web page its not fetch all relevant data, its fetching only 5 records from 100+

Hi @subash

Does it have pagination


its having show more btn

Hi @subash

I have come across a similar scenario in one of my web automations. In my case, the elements that did not capture are of different type. So I had to extract those with a separate data scraping activity.

I’m guessing it is the same for yours. Just check extracting the ones that are not captured to see whether those are getting captured separately…

Hi Lahiru,
i need to fetch Title and Date i’m trying to get both and individual element but i can’t,
i think the elements are changed each data,
below img will show fetched data, but i’m having 100+ data

is there any other activities tool to fetch data like(data scraping)

If it is having the show more button, what if we first click on the show more button until the full list is loaded. Once it cannot be clicked any longer, then you can do data scraping…

What do you think about this approach?

yes right, i was done show more button until the full list its working fine, now i need to get the data from only title and date. while i’m trying to fetch its few data only
that are all dynamic data with different types.

How try doing the data scraping on this… You can specify the first and then the second or last element in the list so you can do the data scraping of the full list.

Next, in the result, set the max rows to 0 so you can get the full list out of it

I’m already tried first and then the second and last element in the list but its won’t work properly

and i tried the max rows to 0, its not getting :frowning:

Hi All,

Above issue has fixed, after data scraping in Extract Structured data property i removed the extractmatadata exceptional data.

Thanks for your reply,

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