When we do the data scraping few records are not getting captured even if data

Sometimes during data scrapping even if data available it’s not getting captured, any idea on this?
In screenshot, Vidya Books Publisher having price and delivery charges but still it’s not getting captured

that is a preview, the real data really was the same?

@bcorrea - Yes its exactly same. I’m using community edition.

And is it always that one line that comes empty cells or can be different ones? Please try to use get text on that exact row that is empty, to see if any thing is different there.

@bcorrea - Yes always that line along with that there are few lines as well. I tried get text but there is no difference.

if get text comes no data, then means something is different with that cell…

@bcorrea - I mean to say its exactly same with other rows and no difference between them

but did you get the text normally?

@bcorrea - Yes i get text normally.

well, if that is really the case, then maybe it is some bug…