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I’m trying to data scrappe a table, but it is failing to scrape from other pages. Is there a way to access the selector that is focused on moving to next page?

Is paging is available in page??
If yes then after you get data after it’s ask to you want next page data or click on next button


If the uipath is unable to detect the next page link selector you can do a work around

Use Do while loop
Then inside do while scrap the data for the 1st page
Create a variable ‘PageName’ with default value 1
Then inside do while loop use element exists activity
And show the tool the 1st page number , take the boolean variable as output (ex pagenumberexists)
Here in this selector modify the selector ‘Name’ attribute with ‘Pagename’ variable
Then use if condition to check the page number is available ( if pagenumberexists = true)
If the page number is available use click activity on that page number
Now use assign activity and increase the Pagename
Pagename = pagename+1

In the do while condition write condition as pagenumberexists = true

Thank you. The issue is the selector.

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I’m going to retry your idea. I think the page numbering selector is no working fine. But the final 'next page’s selector is. I did a solution while loop yesterday that clicked the forward if it existed. But it breaks the loop without scraping the last page. I need to figure out a way for this to get the last page. I will also try your solution.

Perfect, use your same solution in Do while instead of while , it will work for you
But what extra you have to do is
Use element exists of fwd button first
Then use data scrapping of that page
Now use if
If fwd button displays click on the button

In the do while condition put condition as element exists of fwd button is true

Yes. Sorry. I was using a do while. I’m going to recheck the activities order like you suggested. Thank you!

I did some more tastings. I did a regular data scrapping. It work one time and then stopped working. But all the selectors are okay…it just runs the activity without doing anything. I was also able to work the do while solution with the forward button. Its working BUT I have more data than I should…I have 52 items but 60 in the output…its like there are hidden items being scrapped as well…

In this case , pls scrap column by column ( corelated data scrapping) instead of whole table at once .
This way you can avoid scrapping of hidden data

Hmm. I will need to recheck the data. It still extracted more. 57 instead of the 43 from the table that I was testing now. I also tried to remove duplicates just to be sure and I got 38. Still trying to figure out the data. This are supposed to be unique IDs…

I have a ideia about what can be happen. I will post if it’s right. Thank you

No. Still not working. After 19 items all items are duplicated. I did a log and every data scrapping it takes 19 items even if it only has 3. I also cleared the data table between each page scrapping for test purpose. Still items coming from dont know where…

Meanwhile I found out that it was related with the browser zoom and screen resolution

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