Data scraping searching


so this website it will show like upload image
in that process we have to search any 4 country name and click to search

after this we have to scrape data of all 4 country and write to 4 excel file


this data we have to scrape is

Hello @purnima_mandan

Here what is the issue that you are facing?


how to search any 4 country name


For that get the list using get attribute and then from
The list of values you can choose how many ever you need using select item if that works


Hello @purnima_mandan

  1. Create an excel file with a country name which you need to exctarct.
  2. Use Open browser activity.
    2.1 Use For each row data table and pass the Country DT.
    2.2 In which place the Select Items, click search, Ectarct table activity.
    2.3 In select items pass the Currentrow(“Country”).to string. In each loop, the country will change and data will extract.
    2.4 Write the data as per your requirement in an excel sheet.

Refer to this Xaml file, You may get some idea (937.8 KB)

Hello @purnima_mandan

Do you want to select all the required countries once and search or one by one?

For the first scenario you can use “Select Multiple Items” activity and for the second scenarios you can create a STring array with the required country names. Then use a for each loop to loop through the array.
Inside the array, use “Select Item” activity, and provide the values as “row”.
Then use click activity to click on search.