Data Scraping issue while loading into excel

Hello professionals,

Need some help, I have created covid19 data from which scraps the data and sends the status in email as excel attachment. my workflow is running fine without any issues, but while I am checking the excel sheet all the countries are not loaded (e.g there are close to 220 countries/records available, but the output which I am getting is only 107 records in excel sheet).

Any idea what needs to be done to get accurate data.

Thanks in advance

Hello Anand, if you don’t mind can you please upload your xaml workflow file here. Let me take a look as to why it is not inserting all of the rows into the excel

Using Data Scrapping (attached workflow) I was able to get all the 220 records of countries into the excel.

Corona.xlsx (24.1 KB) Worldometer.xaml (8.5 KB)


Sure, please find attached xaml file, I am not sure why my workflow not uploading all data into excel, I really appreciate if you can help me out.

Anand Main.xaml (51.6 KB)

Anand_M, you could use my workflow file which is giving you all the details and start building the rest of it.
After extraction of data is done into a spread sheet,Kindly read all your required data from the spread sheet using read cell activity.
Considering your scenario of data scrapping,would recommend you to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox because Internet Explorer is the best and stable browser application .
Thanks in advance.

@mzahid, Thank you for the update, I tried to open your XAML file but it’s not opening, it’s getting hangup can you send me to my email ID

I am currently using UIPath Studio Pro 2020.4.0-beta 1788 version.

Also, I checked your attached excel data, I am able to see redundant data (e.g Total values are repeated multiple times) How to avoid repeated data?

Thank you

@Anand_M , I have sent you an email and the excel sheet is having data which is present in the website,

Various total values belong to each one of the continents these countries belong to and the where as last Total value row is what you would get the count of all the countires/continents from.

Even if I try to copy and paste the entire table from website into the spread sheet the exact same values are being displayed


Thanks a lot for your help, now I understand the logic behind getting the data to excel sheet. But can you suggest me solutionm I want to create one more column (e.g Current Date) and assign date to all the rows in the current sheet. it’s like maintaining historical data.


Hi @mzahid

I want to insert date for each row in this excel sheet, can you guide me on how I can achieve this logic.


Attached is the COMPLETE solution workflow file, I have fixed the errors(all countries not listing in excel) which your file had previously.

I have addressed on how to add a new column in a separate sequence in my workflow as well.

You can use one of the sheets with the named COVID19 to send the report in email.

However you would need to extend this workflow to send an email. Hope you could do that copy from your existing workflow. Request you to mark this a solution :slight_smile:

Worldometer.xaml (35.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot, @mzahid, this is what I am exactly looking for.

Thanks for your help and support.


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