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I want to scrap the data from website. i need to get 5 companies data include peer comparsion data, balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

and i also need this data from website.

  • Market Cap
    *** Current Price**
    *** High / Low**
    *** Stock P/E**
    *** Book Value**
    *** Dividend Yield**
    *** ROCE**
    *** ROE**
    *** Face Value**

write all data in excel sheets.

Please go through it Input company names attached below
CompanyData.xlsx (9.0 KB)

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R.Sai Srinivas

Hi @Sai.Srinivas

Please have a look at below workflow (179.3 KB)

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Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

Thanks for your reply. I also need balance sheet, peer comparsion, profit and loss sheets for each company with proper headings.
OutputCompanyData.xlsx (19.4 KB)

Looking for reply

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R.Sai Srinivas

@Sai.Srinivas We could not add it in same excel sheet but we could add it in different sheet like peer compatison,balance sheet

Can you get me the code for me.

please look into below code but i need proper naming for each element.

Main.xaml (33.0 KB)

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R.Sai Srinivas

We can add different sheet in same file… When you use write range for writing extracted data just create sheet name as you want…

help me with code

please look into output format
OutputCompanyData.xlsx (20.0 KB)
Is there any possible where we can do formatting using macros