Data scrape and store in excel

From the above website i needs to do data scrap list company starts from A and from B than store in excel file can anyone help me

Hi @indra

1.> Please use Data Scrapping to get the entire table rows and columns.

Output will be a variable whose type would be data table.

2.> Later using for each row activity for Data Table ,iterate through the data type variable and store the company name’s in an array variable .

3.> Later using excel application scope save all the country names in the excel file.

4.> Later you can simply sort the Company Names.

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I can data scrap only list A and stored in data table but list B cannot scrap

Hello @indra can you tell us what kind of error you are receiving…
I have tested working fine for me

can you share the file you have tested

I am sorry on office desktop cant share file…
just make sure selector is correct…
I am using this - < html title='Stock Starting with ‘* ’, List of Companies Stock Starting with ‘* ’ />
-remove extra space after asterisk (* ) [added space cause (* ) was not showing in preview section]

Hi akshay can u please tell how to scrap compnay A and company B

Hi prassin6 can u please tell how to scrap compnay A and company B

Hello @indra I was busy with office work that is why I didnt replied you earlier…
try attached xaml Main.xaml (11.4 KB)

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Thank you @AkshaySandhu for sharing but my task is to scrap two comany name that is only 10 companies in same time and stored in excel file with different columns can you please help

Hello @indra When you use data scraping and try to scrap the table data , you will get a prompt

Is the data spanning over multiple pages” → There select yes.

It will select all the tables from each of the page from A-Z.

Hi, You can easily able to do it by data scrapping: Please check following video:

Excel overwrites the first page of data with the second etc. How can I stop this from happening? Is there a setting I’m missing?