Data scraping over image


I want to extract data from inside by clicking on the pictures on the attached image one by one. However, can you please help me how I can make a loop by clicking the images one by one. There is no URL that can be entered for the images.


Hi @Kujon71

You can achieve this using computer vision.

Install the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package

Drag and drop a ‘Click Image’ activity onto the workflow. This activity will be used to click on the images.
Indicate the first image on the attached image file using the ‘Indicate on Screen’ option of the ‘Click Image’ activity. This will capture the image as an anchor point.
Add a ‘Do While’ activity to create the loop. Set the condition to control the loop.Inside the ‘Do While’ loop, place the ‘Click Image’ activity.
Configure the ‘Click Image’ activity to click on the current image. You can use the same ‘Indicate on Screen’ option to capture each image in the loop.
Increment the counter or update the condition to control the loop and proceed to the next image.