Data Scraping not working on Hyperlinks in Autodesk Forums

I scrap Data from Autodesk Forums , Then i need to extract the URL then its not Scraping the Hyperlink of the particular field in Autodesk Website , i Need to know how to scrape the Data with Hyperlink URL by using Data scraping

is it possible to share the workflow?

Main.xaml (9.9 KB)

Am not getting the Hyperlinks while am scraping the Data from Autodesk Forums

Hey @krishnakanth_sarma
These are the url only.
You need to manually add the front part i.e “

Is there anyway to get the hyperlink ? or we need to add manually? in Data scraping

manual add.
because it retrieves the href tag from html code which starts from “/t5…” like that.

You can easily add the YourBaseURL to all URL with Invoke Code Activity:
ExtractDataTable.columns.Add("FullURL", System.Type.GetType("System.String"), "'YourBaseURL' + URL")

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Here is a working example.
test-forum-links.xaml (9,9 KB)

Its not working showing error like this !

It is tested and works, but the extraction before does not give result, the data table is null, please fix it with the one you want to use.

Yes sir, I added the Scrap data and edit the invoke code as you mentioned in above code

Screenshot (29)