Unable to extract URL by data scraping in uipath

hello, i am trying to scrape data from Resdex (https://freesearch.naukri.com/) using DataScraping.
When scrape URL for candidates profile, i dont get all the URL in the extracted datatable. Only those URLs are extracted where i have clicked on “invoke property getter” during inspecting the elements!
When I tried to inspect the hyperlinks, I found here href property was blank. after clicking on invoke property getter option the href value got visible.
I have attached the screenshots for the same. Please help me to know why i am to able to extract all the URLs.
Thank you.
blank URLS
invoke property getter

I can confirm your observation, href value is filled after some actions on the link. But fortunately hovering is working and let generate the link info.

So with find children we can rtrieve all links, we iterate over the found links and doing a hover on the link. Then data can be grabbed.

Priyanka_Sharma1.xaml (9.8 KB)


WOW, thanx a ton peter. I am very happy with your solution. god bless you

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