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i have 9 pages of HTML table of a single website,I have to select first and second column of that HTML table.1st column contains normal entry and 2nd column contains company name and hyperlink on it.

I want 1st and 2nd column with company name and along with its hyperlink stored in data table or in nay other source.Can anyone please advise me on this.

You help is much appreciated!

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@lata ,
Use data scrapping ,you can extract data from all 9 pages at once.



but it does not gives hyperlink along with that.see the attachement


while data scraping the column , data scrapping tool will ask whether you want to extract url with it or not select that option , the url behind it will be extracted.q


if i use data scraping with option Extract URL then it gives me reslut like this

basically it does not give me exact URL


can you provide the link of web page?


sure .


Hi @lata,

From your screenshot, it seems that you are selecting the first and second element row wise. That’s why you are getting incorrect results.
Choose the first date as ‘First element’1column
Then choose the second date as second element in the same column.col2

Then select the correlated data, that is company name in the same way.


Select the “Extract URL” option in the extract wizard.

And the final result will be like this.

I hope that’s your requirement.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @nimin.

Can i select all 5 columns along with Extract URL option ?


@lata yes,you can do


I am getting such blank column when i select “Extract URL” option


Hi @lata,

May I know which browser are you using?


Internet Explorer


Hi @lata,

You are getting a blank URL field may be because, you are selecting the entire cell sel2 instead of the hyperlink text sel1

Also, the URL of your website returns only the relative path. You can use the workflow FDA_DataScraping.xaml (11.4 KB) for getting all the data in tables including the absolute URL path.:grinning:

Warm regards,


Thank you very much for your help.It worked :slight_smile:

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