Data Scraping not extract all columns in page 2 and after

I use data scrapping wizard to extract simple data from web page. web page has several pages of data (e.g. next / backward button) but URL is always same.
I successfully manage to traverse all pages and extract the data from them, however, in the output CSV of page 1 i see all 3 columns with data, but from page 2 and after it extracts only one column of data and other columns are empty.
I ran it many times, I delete the scraper and re-capture the visuals. I added delay between pages up to 7000 miliseconds … nothing works … please help/

anyone has idea? I cant get over it, and start moving to phyton all my software…

Is it possible to share the screenshot of the webpage and the code

please see attached. code is two lines, somple “screen recording with next page”, but the result is that first page it beings all data : Name, Price, URL. and for 2nd page and after it brings only the Price !!
the “next” doesnt change the URL … so all pages has same URL, just data change, maybe this is an issue in UIPAth.!


Can you put this in ExtractMetaData and try?

data.txt (821 Bytes)

Put the above metadata in your Extract datatable code and try

Wow it works !
can you please explain what wsa the issue, and what was fixed ? The file you sent , will be helpful to explain what it does and its structure.

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That a difficult part, Because those type of website Build using Javascrapt. So it’s automatically generate data without change URL.
I also face this issue but i solved it. That’s a long process. Check this blog that i used to solve this problem.