Data Scraping - Next Link Selector

Hi, I have a question regarding the Data Scraping wizard / Extract Structured Data activity.

It prompts me for the link to select the next page of data table, and I have a NextLinkSelector variable

What happens when this Next Link button is unavailable? How to handle this scenario?

I.e. if the search results table is only one page, then there is no Next Link button to select at all.

@DEATHFISH You can Click on “No” When the Prompt “Is data spanning multiple pages?” Dialog box is appeared.

It might or might not span multiple pages. Only if there are enough search results then the Next Page link appears.

So if I select Yes on “data is spanning multiple pages”, but the search result so happens to not have a Next Page link, how do you handle this scenario?

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@DEATHFISH Can you show a Screenshot of the Page When Next Page Link is present and when the Next Page Link is not ?

Hi, due to confidentiality reasons I cannot share a screenshot but what I can tell you is that the Next button isn’t there at all if there are not enough search results to fill multiple pages

@DEATHFISH Then You might need to use a Do While loop with Element Exits Activity to check if the Button is present and if present then Click on it and Perform Data Scraping.