Data scraping is not working while scraping URL

Hi, hope you all are having a great day. While i was trying to scrape data using data scraping tool UiPath Studio, i’ve came across a unique problem. When i’ve shown the scraper to get underneath URL link from a hyperlink, it is scraping below values as shown in the picture.

I was expecting a sample URL or part of a URL. Can anyone help to solve this problem?

The web page you’re scraping from doesn’t use URLs, it uses javascript. The scraping is giving you the correct value. The problem is the way the web page is written.

@postwick , thanks for your feedback. Can you please suggest any solution for this?

Aside from having whoever wrote the web page change how it’s written, no.

I suppose it’s possible you could inject javascript into the page to call each of those scripts (or directly click each link) and have your code check the URL that is opened as a result. Depending on the number of rows this could be very time consuming, though.