Data data scraping on web


Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue in UiPath Studio, while trying to scrape data from web page. The web page is a list with about 4,000 pages, showing 14 records per page.
I managed to set the flow right, meaning the browser is opened, certain number of pages is open via next page token (based on maximum nr. of records) and output is written to excel sheet.
However, some pages are randomly left out and instead of 14 rows, only one blank row appears in the output. Example situation: I want to scrape, say, 20 pages - page 3, 6, 13 and 14 will be left out. Next time, it happens with other pages, while the most will be scraped ok. There is no pattern visible for which pages will fail to appear in the output. I checked the html tree multiple times and it does not change per page.
Does anybody have an idea why some pages are always left out?

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2018.1.4

OS Version: Windows 7, SP1

Can you share the link so that we can check if we are facing the same issue @MichalAmbler

The link is:

@MichalAmbler,It’s not an issue related to uipath studio.The website is in czech language.I have translated it to english and it’s not loading properly so it’s unable to extract data correctly

I don’t know if it is translated well or not, but language is not an issue here I guess. UiPath does not have issues with Czech language.