I would like to extract only selected rows from a Web Table in an Application

Hello Friends,

I have a table in an web application. The table has a 50 records per page and it spans to multiple pages (Example : Around 1000) pages. Is there any alternative way of extracting only Selected Rows that has a (Date >= 01/01/2022(MM/dd/yyyy) and store it in a Datatable ?

Instead of extracting all data from those 1000 pages, storing it in a DataTable and then filtering it ? This is time consuming.

I cannot share snapshots/screenshots as it contains sensitive data, however i can provide you the sample column values from the screen.

Please Find Below :

Status File Check Payer ID Date Posted By Trace Amount Method


Using datascraping extract entire table with all pages then it will strore data in datatable.
With that datatable filter the the condition as you want then write in to excel.

Try this it will work


@Vignesh_G_Y, If you can apply the filter on your web portal for specified data then only you can extract the data((Date >= 01/01/2022(MM/dd/yyyy), else you have to extract whole data as explained by @varunk