Extract web Data from listing linked table

Hi Expert,

I would like to extract data from website . kindly refer the below screenshot and advise.


for the outer(main background screen) you can Extract the table and then it will show you the IDs.

make a selector that clicks on that Transaction Numbers and have the transaction number element in selector, use a variable in the place of that
In the datatable extracted, use for each row loop and then pass the current transaction number in loop to that selector and that will open the screen

In the new screen you can use the data scraping again to get the table extracted and stored in a variable.

Hope this helps!

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Dear Rahulshrama,

Thank you for your support on this.

Data scraping working well.

How do i inclued the date range and then do the data scrapping.
Also i want to extract the Transaction Number filed and store in the excel sheet along with data scrapping.


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this can be done by scraping data then filtering the column by putting the condition on date column.

that will be extracted as string, you need to convert it into date and perform the date comparison with your desired date. Use Filter datatable for this.

To convert string to date, this will help


Make sure to add System.Globalization namespace for this.

That is already extracted in the outer datatable, so that can be filtered by using Filter Data Table and added to the second datatable (inner datatable)

when you append the data there, just take the length of the extracted datatable and then for that many rows ads the same transaction number which in loop

Hope this helps!

Sequence.xaml (24.9 KB)

Dear Sharma,

Attached the flowchart to extract and save in excel sheet for the transaction number from pop-up window.

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